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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Everything is so fresh and green this time of year, making it a great time to visit Greenwich and the prints of our new featured artist Jennifer Jokhoo, whose remarkable reduction linocuts are filled with the colours of summer, from Surrey to the outskirts of London.

Opening today, our Early Summer Exhibition in the gallery has just been hung and the walls are now adorned with new prints by our 35 members.  The show includes Ruairi Fallon and Silke Heuer whom we are delighted to welcome to the gallery and introduce their fantastic work to you.

If you are in central London, our large Celebration exhibition is now on at Gallery 101, on the north side of the Millennium Bridge at the Salvation Army Headquarters. One of our artists is there every day from 10-4 if you'd like to make a purchase. Details below.


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