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Behind the print: "Trees in My Garden"

Carolyn Fuller is the featured artist at Greenwich Printmakers Gallery until February 16. She talks about how she combines techniques - including relief printing, monoprinting, batik dye, stencils and spray paint - to capture light in her Trees in My Garden and In My Garden series.

Part of Carolyn Fuller's featured artist exhibition at Greenwich Printmakers

What is the inspiration behind these prints?

The Trees in My Garden and In My Garden series are based on winter trees and the spring in my garden. I also looked at large trees at Biggin Hill and especially one very large ancient tree at Aperfield.

Carolyn Fuller

How did you make these prints?

I usually make reduction prints using vinyl sheets. For these prints, I've combined this with monoprint (a form of printmaking that involves painting or applying ink to create marks that can only be printed once, making each print unique), using acetate for stencils and to print from. I achieved some of the colours using batik dye, bleaching agent and spray paint.

Trees in My Garden 3, unique, by Carolyn Fuller

Why did you decide to use those techniques?

I've found it useful to combine media in this series of work in order to arrive at the mysterious look of light and shapes at this time of the year.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on something about a group of stuffed birds at the Horniman Museum. The various cranes have been arranged in an unnatural way. I’m trying to present their angular forms pointing in different directions, printed with different patterns. I’m using the backdrop of the conservatory at Horniman Gardens as a setting for the birds.

Trees in My Garden 2 and 5, by Carolyn Fuller, in her featured artist show at Greenwich Printmakers

Carolyn Fuller was an art teacher for 32 years and is now a full-time printmaker. She also creates scenic artwork for the BBC and theatres. She started as an etcher but now works mostly in relief printing. You can find her vibrant work at the Greenwich Printmakers Gallery at 1a Greenwich Market.


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