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Christina France

Christina France joins Greenwich Printmakers in April 2017 ‘As a printmaker, I respond to the medium with spontaneity, connecting to its material properties. Working intuitively and allowing the unique properties of the materials to dictate the progression of the work, the process of etching with its mysterious alchemy of metal, acid and time enchants me and emboldens me to further push the boundaries of my practice.’ Working from her studio in West London whilst maintaining close links with France where she lived for many years, Christina's interest in printmaking is combined with her practice in drawing and her current project is an association of the two mediums with the addition of shadows created through emboss. Her practice is informed by elements of chance and is generally formal and abstract in nature. Concerns such as space, repetition, geometry and chance are integral to her work. Sometimes an narrative can be discerned. Christina’s work is exhibited nationally and internationally and held in public and private collections including the V&A museum and the NHS Glasgow and Clydeside Hospital Trust. She is represented by the Grafik i Vast Gallery in Sweden and Print Solo in the UK and has won awards for her work from Chrysalis Arts, Pushing Press and a-n the Artist’s Information Company. She recently undertook a month’s residency in Sweden at the invitation of Algarden Print Workshop and is a member of Printmaker’s Council, Manifestampe and the London Print Studio.

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