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Kethi Copeland

Kethi Copeland captures the diverse mix of London’s architecture in original prints developed from her drawings. Her Prints look beyond the well-known and iconic buildings, inviting you to find connections with your senses and memories of the city.

The combination of delicate line drawing with blocks of printed colour in Copeland’s artwork highlights the intriguing cityscape and lends a distinctive style to her work. To achieve this she creates stencils from her drawings, each colour requires a separate stencil. Hand printing the edition is central to how the final image takes shape, with the final colours being chosen through a process of colour mixing and making test prints, until a final combination and balance is found.

Using the craft of silk screen-printing, she builds up the image through multiple layers of print, often applying between 10 -20 layers of printed colour, she is known for her meticulous attention to detail to achieve perfect registration.

In her most recent artworks Kethi Copeland continues her exploration of the city, this time expanding her exploration of london’s layered architectural views in three dimensions. She has added paper-cutting and construction to her repetoir to bring her prints off the page.

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