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Jennifer jokhoo

Jennifer Jokhoo is a UK based printmaker/painter. Originally from New Zealand, printmaker Jennifer Jokhoo works from her home studio in the Surrey Hills. She studied Fine Art and majored in Painting/Printmaking at Canterbury University school of Fine Arts in New Zealand, In 1998 she went on to complete a Diploma in Secondary Teaching. Since qualifying she has followed a career in Art education and has taught in New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Upon moving to the Surrey hills in 2014, Jennifer’s interest has shifted from architectural landscapes, to areas that are closer to home. Hillside views, fields, wide skies and horizontal bands are elements that are visited and revisited in her prints. She is primarily interested in the changing effects of light and colour. Subject matter is often discovered while out walking the dog.

Jennifer’s preferred method of printing is ‘Reduction linocutting’ In this method, a multi coloured print is pulled from a single block. The lino is inked with the lightest colour and the first printing is made. The areas to remain that colour are then cut away. This is the process for each layer, therefore it cannot be rewound or repeated. As a result Jennifer’s editions are kept very small.

Jennifer's work is exhibited widely across the South East and is held in private collections in the UK and abroad.

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