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Ruairi Fallon McGuigan

Ruairi Fallon is a Belfast born London based multi-disciplinary artist. Predominantly a printmaker he specializes in the medium of Reduction woodcut. The works thus far have drawn on the seductive nature of the physical photograph in a time of digital saturation. The photographs collected and archived from attics, abandoned houses, markets and his own 35mm photography provide a wide variety of content. The artist collages this varied imagery through drawings. The drawings are then worked into painting and prints both of which distort and refine the original intention of the artist. Often concentrated around figures and their relationship to space they show a disjointed commonality across the human experience, apparent in the rituals of sport, education, music and political discontent. Ruairi's works are viewed as transient fragments of memory; his own, found and borrowed. They are a broken narrative indicative of the collective memory. The works rely on the human minds ability to seamlessly link different imagery into a fluid narrative while simultaneously relating it to your own nostalgia. The work from the past, present, far and near are intended through the chosen medium to be aesthetically harmonious leaving the interpreted narrative to be more broadly dictated by the viewer. Drawing, painting and Printmaking returns visual control to the artist; Collaging, cropping and removing elements of the source that interfere with the seamless nature of the body of work.

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