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Lucy Ward

Lucy Ward creates atmospheric prints about landscapes and the natural world.
She is fascinated by the way changes in time, light or weather can cause the familiar to shift into something strange. She aims to create the sensation that this is a moment when something is just about to happen, or the air is still resonating from an event in the past. Her emotional response to landscapes is a major part of her practice.
In her prints of wildlife, each bird or animal is a specific individual that she spent time observing in its own habitat. Her drawings convey the character and behaviour of that particular creature, recording her experience of that interaction and exploring watching and being watched. She draws attention to claws, feathers and beaks – the tools that have evolved to help it survive.
Lucy uses a variety of techniques, including etching, aquatint, drypoint and monoprint, and works in her studio at Thames-Side Studios in London. Recent exhibitions include the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair with Thames-Side Print Studio.

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