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Christina France - Featured Artist

Christina France is a visual artist working with print, drawing and a combination of the two. Creating embossed drawings and prints as a response to light, water, the skies and reflections she offers the viewer a contemplative respite from our fast moving, digital world.

As a printmaker, she responds to the medium with spontaneity, connecting to the haptic nature of the process. She has a painterly approach to the medium using unconventional methods in order to achieve the layering and translucency she strives for. Gold and silver leaf or dust is sometimes gilded onto the surface.

Recent work includes the series Floating made in Sweden in which the play of form and texture combine, offering a bold but simple statement. The ongoing Ghostlines series is informed by her father’s pilot’s log book.

The series Lunar owes its provenance to both the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and the Watts Gallery’s Moonscape exhibition looking at the way in which artists were captivated by the painterly challenge of depicting nocturnal landscape.

Working from her studio in Sevenoaks, Christina also spends time making work at the prestigious Ålgården print workshop in Sweden.

Christina exhibits regularly nationally and internationally and has work in the collections of the V&A Museum London as well as public and private collections in the UK, Sweden and France. Christina is a member of the Printmakers Council, Greenwich Printmakers, Grafik I Vast in Sweden and Manifestampe in France.

Christina is our current Featured Artist. Her work will be up until 26th January.


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