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Cath Gerbrands

Catherine is an Australian-born artist living permanently in the UK. She studied fine art and music at Queensland University of Technology. Living on the outskirts of London, she spends as much time as possible singing and drawing in forests and ancient woodlands. Her prints are inspired by our natural pareidolic tendencies to impose order on chaos and tease out the familiar to help us make sense of the natural world. Being mindful that this world doesn’t follow the rules and moral frameworks of the tiny minds of humans, her work treads the fine line between the beautiful and the grotesque. Her dark, pastoral world is inspired by the art of Goya, Bosch, Hogarth and, from more modern times, Ian Miller.
Catherine prefers to work directly onto copper plates using drypoint and mezzotint techniques, which better serve the delicate, intricate studies she executes, but sometimes also enjoys the sharp lines of hard ground. She mostly prints on 300g Hahnemuhle natural paper, which is off-white and has a subtle texture.

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