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Chris Moody

I was born in South Londoner and have lived and worked here nearly all my life. I started printmaking about fifteen years ago and a keyholder at Thames-side Print Studios. I have exhibited in the Leicester City Open, Fishslab Gallery Whitstable, Greenwich Open Studios and elsewhere.
Much of my work is based on my love of the river from Greenwich to the estuary, my memories of holidays in Wales as a child, and my early travels as a student. One of the effects of the first lockdown was to make me go back to my old transparencies and make them into digital images. The gap between my first encounters with many of these places and the present, has made many of the images a form of emotional archaeology, bringing new insight to old experiences. I have tried to recapture some of the sense of wonder and of gratitude for having my imagination seized by these scenes. They have become part of who I am.

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